El Cajas Massif Biosphere Reserve
One-day excursion
El Cañar Inter-Andean valley
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- Andean Páramo-Cloud Forests (2 day: 15 & 16 March). This excursion is organized by the agency "Vive Ecuador" (www.viveecuador.net). It is all inclusive and departs from Cuenca to Podocarpus National Park and the world-famous place of Vilcabamba, Loja and Saraguro then back to Cuenca. Price: US$298.00 per person.  A  minimum of 10 people is required.

- Andean-Amazon Flank (3 days: Cuenca-Macas-Puyo-Baños-Quito).

Flancos andinos amazonicos
Cloud forest
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Field trips


ONE-DAY FIELD TRIPS: Wednesday 13th March 2019 (included in the registration fee):